Want more information about joining the Fire Wires?

Not even close. There are bits of this program for everyone, from building and designing robots to programming all the way to marketing and creating business plans. If your child wants to become anything from an engineer to a lawyer then this program will give them some valuable experience. 

This program is designed for beginners as well as experienced future engineers.

To put it simply it doesn’t matter to us where you live. Be it in Indiana, Michigan or anywhere else if you can get to Gears then it is available.

As you can probably guess building a robot is not a cheap endeavor. We are a community based team with no ties to any specific school. This means fund raising. We need to raise $500.00 per student just to cover the basic costs of the program. We will hold fund raisers throughout the summer and school year to try and earn this money. We also accept sponsorship’s from individuals and corporations. We are part of the Gears Community Center in Granger, IN. This means that all donations are tax deductible.

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