Indiana Rover League Championship

Indiana League Championship

Version 4 of Aardvark came out of the gate swinging. We ended the day with 4 wins and 1 loss. Even that loss we played great, our partner just had… issues (they flipped over). We still were within 10 points of winning that match.

We also currently are ranked #2 in the state with the state high score. We also won our first judged award! We won the design award and were a finalist in the control award. And more importantly we were 2nd runner up for the Inspire Award which makes us an alternate for the State Championship.

Unfortunately we were knocked out in the semi-finals in part due to our phone crashing. I say in part because of course we were facing another GEARS team which always means it is gonna be a tough fight. Our sister team XLR8 beat us out and went on to win the competition. Congrats!

See everyone at Norwestin with… version 5! Did I hear someone say, forget the lift… turn it into an arm? Why yes I did.