Indy South Qualifier


The Fire Wires Class of 2017/2018

We have not posted much lately, but not because not much has been going on. It is just the opposite. We have built our robots first version (each competition it will get better). We went to our first competition on December 16 in Greenwood Indiana. It was  a rough day of competition. Our first match our phones completely locked up and we just didn’t move. After that though our robot functioned well, our auto worked decently. Then alliance time came and we were chosen by the 2nd place alliance of 8791 The Green Machine and 3537 The Mecahamsters. We were ecstatic. The teams fought hard and we ended up winning the event.

We weren’t the only Gears team to come away on top. Vier Left won the Inspire Award (for our FRC friends, think Chairmans), and Pixelated won the Think award.

Based on our performance we qualified for the state competition already!!