The Demise of Bad Bot


Being a rookie team is never easy. Our team started a month late with no funds. We had space to use donated by Gears (as well as some experts to ask questions of) and we had a toolbox and a Tetrix kit from Ethos Science center.

We had 3 students at first and added a 4th shortly before our first competition. We built our robot and it was simple and smaller than most of the other robots. Cautiously we took it to our first competition.

Our first match… disconnect. We didn’t move and lost 27 to 190. Our 2nd match… disconnect. We didn’t move and lost 10 to 15. Frantically we ripped off the motor controllers thinking we had finally figured out the issue. We scrawled BAD on it and tried a borrowed one… no change. Then we figured it out. It was one of our brand new cables. We swapped that out and put back in our original motor controller.

Our third match… the little bot was put in and was dwarfed by all the other robots and now it had the words BAD written across the back of it in black sharpie. (Cue Bad to Bone now…) Bad bot won that match… and the next one. Bad bot was born that day… the little robot earned it’s name. Bad Bot won NorWestIn… Bad Bot won Bash at the Wabash… Bad Bot was ranked #2 at the Indiana State Championship and the 2nd place Alliance captain. Rest in piece Bad Bot… you will always be remembered.

This season we had to dismantle Bad Bot to gain the parts we need for the new season.