2017 FTC at IRI


Fire Wires Visit Ganassi Racing
Fire Wires Visit Ganassi Racing

The Fire Wires visited Ganassi on our way to IRI and had a blast. We were given a private tour of the facilities and the kids were able to find out just how much goes into designing and running each of these marvelous machines.

We then went on to compete at FTC at IRI. That was a blast. The new students on the team got to drive with mixed results. Poor Bad Bot is at the end of his career. First practice match we lost our battery wires. Thanks to the Greengineerz and Vier Left for parts we were able to get the robot onto the field after only being reminded about Queue like 1/2 a dozen times (sorry about that). We then proceeded that first match to lose a wheel. Of course Bad Bot wasn’t going out like that… other robots need 4 or more of them… Bad Bot finished the match with only 3, making another shot and hitting 3 beacons. 

The entire competition was sadly a bit like this. We played hard but the robot wasn’t up to the task. We ended ranked in 7th place and had our final match with Vier Left our partner from Gears. We were ecstatic to watch them fight through the finals and win IRI an awesome event.