NorWestIn FTC Qualifying Tournament


Sunday, January 15, 2017


On a cold Sunday in January, The Fire Wires packed up Rich’s van and headed over to the north west side of Indiana. Going into the event, The Fire Wires, were the underdog. This was their debut as the newest and third GEARS team, and they had a lot to live up to: Vier Left and Toxic. The two team were very helpful to The Fire Wires as they struggled with field inspection. Thanks to some quick troubleshooting by Vier Left, The Fire Wires finally passed inspection. For the first two matches, The Fire Wires had a tough break; the robot didn’t move. After a lot of quick programming and testing, The Fire Wires were on the move. Ending qualifiers in 16th, The Fire Wires were drafted by their sister team, Vier Left. The dynamic GEARS duo went on to win the event, giving The Fire Wires their first ever event win at their first ever event. The Fire Wires were also honored to receive the Rookie Sensation Award.