Sean from 16501 Squirrel

Wire Management & Soldering Basics

One thing that has plagued us and most other teams to be fair is wire management. Especially on lifts. We decided to go with a coiled cable, but to use it we had to solder the ends.  Now we know how to solder, we aren’t idiots. You just heat up the iron, touch it to […]

Knot Tying 101

Sanford Slides Continuous Lift

After the Northern League Championship we wanted to make our lift go higher and give us better stack control. We decided to go with the Sanford Slides from Long Robotics (https://www.longrobotics.com). They are black anodized and look great! More importantly though they give us better height and are very strong and smooth. We went to […]

Northern League Championship

2020 Indiana Northern League Championship

The Fire Wires competed in the Northern League Championship. Qualifiers were tough, we had disconnection issues, but things picked up after a while. In the end we were picked by the 4th alliance which meant we faced off against the 1st seed alliance in Semi-Finals. We managed to win in those 2 matches and moved […]